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a life where food isn't relied

upon for anything other than

nourishing your body and soul

for your ultimate good.  

-Naomi Joseph
Soul Nation,Inc.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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     A confessed binge eater for most of her life, Naomi Joseph received a Masters of Science in Speech and Language Pathology at Teachers College, Columbia University and ironically went on to have a twenty three year career helping children with feeding and swallowing disorders (dysphagia). 

     In May, 2011, Naomi turned down a full scholarship for a PhD in Pediatric Dysphasia at Columbia University to grow as an independent consultant with a health and wellness Network Marketing Company. As a thriving and seasoned entrepreneur, she continues to work tirelessly to grow her business by helping others find their best, healthiest lives, and helping some of those become consultants and grow businesses of their own. 

     She is overjoyed at being able to share her forty year binge eating and recovery journey with whoever could benefit from her experience.  Her goal in life is to touch as many souls as possible, and give them all the healing her story, examples, and advice can provide. 

     Naomi has been married to her husband, Alex (Mario Alexis, yes, Jewish from Argentina), since 1992.  They shared the bond of both having been the “chubby kid” on their first date, and reside on Long Island with their three children, twins Sammy and Serena, and Sophia. 

Binge and Sprint

The Book

     Have you ever stood at the kitchen counter urgently devouring insane amounts of frozen, stale hot dog buns dipped alternatively in jelly and almond butter, while on high alert for approaching humans?  After a lifetime of getting knocked to the ground by the same opponent, a Dark Voice, and then rising repeatedly while praying for a way out, Naomi Joseph wrote the rules of “Binge and Sprint”:  Use cake as fortitude to steel yourself to plow ahead, and then keep moving, keep achieving, and never ever let the world see your suffering.  Never idle, Joseph takes the reader on a four decade journey from childhood through college, marriage, buying a home, comparison, community, infertility, low self-worth, work, starting a business, keeping up with the Joneses, and caring for children and ailing parents all while chained to her secret burden.  Readers will understand their own darkness in the midst of “the good life” as the lid is blown off the shameful shroud of the taboo war with food. Poignant and hilarious, Joseph’s journey will help the reader claim their power, and lean into their greatness as they incorporate the many lessons that brought her to recovery into their own lives.

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About Naomi
The Book

Available November 29, 2023

Conquer Your Binge Workbook

     This workbook was born from a decision to get to the root of my own personal binges. I spent a full year honing the process outlined in its pages, and now I’m offering it to you so that you can end your war with food more quickly than I did.  This workbook will help you systematically build awareness around why you binge, and what you can do to stop.  In understanding the anatomy of your binge, you will become desensitized to the unrelenting urges calling your name, find a different outlet, and begin to make your binges obsolete.       

     In my heart, I imagine you using this workbook to begin to free yourself from abusing food, lean into your greatness, and know that you are a child of G-d, the heir of a King.  That you will begin to see a path to the healthy body you dream of, be excited to make new relationships, strengthen the old ones, find the confidence to do all of the things you always wanted to do, and so much more.         

     This work was instrumental in helping me become, the person I was meant to be on this earth.  My hope is that the same will be true for you.

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