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Debbie Glaser, MS

Debbie Glaser has 20 years of personal training experience, bringing both men and women to the best physical shape of their lives. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Miami, both a Bachelors and a Masters in Athletic Training from Long Island University, and a Masters in Physical Education from Adelphi University. Her Personal Training Certification was earned at The American College of Sports Medicine. 


Debbie absolutely loves being a personal trainer. She has worked with a tremendously diverse clientele and believes that finding a sustainable program unique to each individual is key to continued success. She is a master at creating personalized programs that are fun, exciting, and accessible, and as a result her clients permanently add physical activity into their lifestyles.   Debbie is a true believer that what the scale reflects is not the sole measurement of success!  She coaches each and every client to set and attain large, small, physical and emotional goals, and find love and appreciation in what their bodies are capable of. 


A large connecting factor among Debbie’s clients is weight loss, and she is therefore sensitive to the struggle between food’s value for sustaining life, and its emotional value on a daily basis. She believes that feeling like you have to be on a diet with low calories just to achieve a drop in the scale is one of the most self-defeating ways of trying to reach your goals.  Debbie is beyond excited to show anyone who is committed to reaching a healthy body weight that there are so many other factors to focus on that can help you reach those goals. Creating your journey to be one of love and enjoyment is key to success. 

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