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Naomi Joseph, MS

A confessed binge eater for most of her life, Naomi Joseph received a Masters of Science in Speech and Language Pathology from Teachers College, Columbia University and ironically went on to have a twenty six year career helping children with feeding and swallowing disorders (dysphagia). 

In May, 2011, Naomi turned down a full scholarship for a PhD in Pediatric Dysphasia at Columbia University to grow as an independent consultant with a health and wellness company. Her career as a thriving and seasoned entrepreneur gave way to creative projects where she could help others find their best, healthiest lives, and in 2020 she published her first book "Binge and Sprint: From Endless Cake to Recovery". Within it's pages she shares her 40 year journey through Binge Eating Disorder and liberation from her struggle with food

Naomi's search for a way to rid her life of the nervous, urgent feelings, negative self-talk, and thoughts about past traumas that surrounded her struggle with binge eating led her to become a certified meditation instructor. She is beyond excited to teach this same technique that was a true catalyst, and what she describes as a "deal changer", during this course.


It was through Naomi's research for her workbook "Conquer Your Binge" (November 2023), and leading zoom courses for those suffering from binge eating disorder, that the idea for this 12 Week Course, and Soul Nation, Inc. was born. The  faculty for this course is comprised of the nationally and internationally recognized group of professionals who are at the very pinnacle of their specialties that she wished she had access to 40 years ago, and now she has assembled them for you!


Naomi is overjoyed at being able to share the answers and solutions she has discovered through her journey with whoever could benefit.  Her goal in life is to touch as many souls as possible, and give them all the healing her story, advice, books and courses can provide. 

Naomi has been married to her husband, Alex (Mario Alexis, yes, Jewish from Argentina), since 1992.  They shared the bond of both having been the “chubby kid” on their first date, and reside on Long Island with their three children, twins Sammy and Serena, and Sophia. 

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